You’re only two on stage, you sound like ten” was the audience reaction, everytime, after the last note faded away.

That’s what Toshiro Pandino wanted its first, self-titled album to be: bass, drums, vocals. No overdubs. What you hear is true, what you hear is live – even if it may not seem so.

10 “Riff-tastic” tracks: straightforward, essential, without frills. Just as the italian power duo was, finding in simplicity and energy its strenghts.

Recorded and mixed by Giuseppe Salvadori at Mauro Pagani’s Officine Meccaniche Recording Studios, anticipated by Hygge‘s hypnotic video by es.poire, published by SBAM Records on March 10, 2019 on all the main digital stores and streaming services.

Toshiro Pandino was:

Fox Porter (Polarbeers, Insect Kin) – Bass, Vocals
Fabio Daino (Madbox, Sidewalls) – Drums, Vocals

Versione italiana